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A Guide To Search Engine Optimisation for Belfast

There are many ways to do SEO or search engine optimisation that can help you to obtain organic traffic to your website. The main methods are white hat SEO, grey hat SEO and black hat SEO. As you may have probably guessed, white hat SEO focuses on doing clean Google approved optimisation that don’t lead to penalisation in the long term. However, the downside is that it will take longer to get results. With black hat SEO, this involves using methods and strategies that are frowned upon and actively penalised by Google. This is extremely risky and even though you will get traffic much faster, you can easily lose it with a Google penalty or algorithm update. Grey hat SEO is an in-between where you employ both white and black hat strategies. In this article, we will be focusing on white hat search engine optimisation so that your website or online business won’t have any risk of being penalised.

The first place you should start is with optimizing your site. This means choosing a good theme that is lightweight and fast. If you build a clunky website that is slow, then this will not help its rankings and may actively keep you past the second-page serps. It is imperative that your site speed is under 3 seconds since this is a major technical ranking factor. You should also aim to reduce your bounce rate. The bounce rate is how long a person stays on your site before they leave it. If a person visits your site and exits it within seconds, this means you have a high bounce rate and signals to Google that your site is not giving visitors what they want. This will result in Google pushing down your site in the rankings. So, you should strive to decrease your bounce rate as much as possible.

There are many ways to do this such as including lots of detailed information on your pages that meet your searcher’s intent. For example, if one of your pages is ranking for a keyword that indicates they are looking for a review of a specific product, your page should be exactly about that. If your page is about any other type of information, the visitor will exit your page. You can reduce your bounce rate by also including lots of images, videos, infographics etc on your pages. These will engage the visitor and ensure they stick around longer to consume more of your content.

Next, you need to pay attention to keywords and how you utilise them within your content. This means you should avoid over optimisation of any sort. It is best to focus on single word optimisation and ensure that each word doesn’t have more than a 4% density. Of course, this doesn’t include common words but words that are a part of your targeted keywords. You should also pay attention to the keyword density in your alt image tags and even in your image file names. These all count towards keyword density.

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Lastly, you will have to build backlinks. The best type of white hat backlinks to get is outreach links. This is when you create a target list of sites within your niche to email and then ask them for a link through a guest post, resource link, link exchange etc. However, you should never pay for any links since this is against Google’s guidelines and your site will get penalised if they learn you’ve purchased links for SEO.

To wrap things up, this is just a short guide to SEO and there are many more things to learn. The best way to learn is through practice, so be sure to put what you’ve learned into action and you will discover what delivers the best results for your niche.